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The Supported Loving network has produced a series of guides to help support people with learning disabilities with issues around sex and relationships.

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Contraception and sexual health

There's a need for clear, accessible information and advice about contraception for people with learning disabilities.

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Domestic abuse

There has not been a lot of research on domestic violence against women with learning disabilities, but we are gradually learning more about their experiences.

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Harmful sexual behaviour

Adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism can sometimes display harmful or abusive sexual behaviours.

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Support For Parents Resource Page

Help for parents

How should parents support adult children with learning disabilities to enjoy friends, relationships and their sexuality in a safe and healthy way?

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Housing and supporting relationships

What do you do if a person with learning disabilities wants to live with their partner, and this has an impact on their housing?

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Overcoming barriers isn’t easy for people with a disability who identify as LGBTQ+. A lack of confidence and a lack of communication skills can leave people vulnerable.

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Making Friends Supported Loving Toolkit

Making friends

People with learning disabilities can often be socially isolated and sometimes struggle to make friends.

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Masturbation is a subject not often spoken about in learning disabilities services. However, it is a way for an individual to express their sexual nature.

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On Line Dating

Online dating

The ways in which people find love has changed dramatically with the development of the internet.

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Sex positive sexuality and relationships training

People with learning disabilities have the same rights to have intimate, sexual and romantic relationships as anyone else, but often don’t have adequate support to ensure that they’re able to exercise these rights.

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Staying safe in relationships

People with a learning disability are four times more likely than other citizens to be sexually abused. This section is about supporting people to have safe, positive relationships, including sexual relationships.

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Supporting people to date

People may need support prior to dating as it can cause a range of emotions from excitement to anxiety and distress.

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Supporting relationships

Supported Loving is all about equipping staff to support people with learning disabilities to enjoy close and intimate relationships.

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Writing a sex and relationships policy

When organisations do not have a sex and relationships policy staff can be unsure about what is expected of them and how to respond to sensitive situations.

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More about Supported Loving

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Supported Loving blog

Supported Loving is attracting interest from many different people - read what they are saying in their blogs.

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What Is Supported Loving

What is Supported Loving?

For people with learning disabilities finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support from your staff.

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Supported Loving network

Supported Loving is not a formal membership organisation. Anyone can take part, it is free.

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