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Support to date

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This page covers supporting people with learning disabilities to date, the challenges faced, and how to address them and provide the appropriate support needed.


List of specialist dating agencies

See the full list here

Setting up a, "Singles Night"

Lizzie Carline from Wirral Mencap explains how to do this on our podcast

Resources to help people understand dating and relationships

There are resources available on our website that can be used with people to increase their knowledge and understanding of dating and relationships


If people are experiencing difficulties in their relationships, they can potentially access support via Relate.

Mencap's Do's and Don'ts of dating

Amy Clarke from Mencap takes us through what to do, and not to do in the world of dating.

Boyfriends & Girlfriends: A Guide to Dating for People with Disabilities

Boyfriends & Girlfriends: A Guide to Dating for People with Disabilities – a helpful book to go through with people.

Falling in Love - Books beyond Words

Falling in Love is a great accessible book, by Books Beyond Words, on dating and relationships.

Let's talk about relationships and sex - training pack

Comprehensive pack that is easy to use and comes with a train the trainers guide from the Downs Syndrome Association.

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Supported Loving toolkit

The Supported Loving network has produced a series of guides to help support people with issues surrounding sexuality and relationships.

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What Is Supported Loving

What is Supported Loving?

For some people finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support

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Supported Loving network

Supported Loving is not a formal membership organisation. Anyone can take part, it is free.

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