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Use our interactive map to find out where we can support you.

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Want to join our team and help us improve the lives of disabled people? You don't need previous experience or qualifications. We'll provide on-the-job training.

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About us

Choice Support is a social care charity working across much of England to provide the best possible support to people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs.

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Kirsty Health Story Side Photo
“We are all in our late twenties, and up until now we’ve never had a smear test. We thought we didn’t need to”. Kirsty

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A Place To Live Kathys Story Main Photo 2600 X 1100
Most of us take for granted that our home is our place of sanctuary, where we can feel secure. Housing Director

Having the right place to live with the right support has helped Kathy take more control over her own life. She makes the decisions about what happens in her own home.

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Neval And Mark Story
Moving in together was one of the best decisions we ever made. Neval and Mark

This is how Neval and Mark still describe their relationship after 10 years of living together. Neval had been living on her own and getting daily support from her staff but sometimes her loneliness made her cry. Mark was also living alone following the death of his first wife.

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Amys Story Main Photo 2 2600 X 1100
...since Amy has been with Choice Support, I have not been able to find any bad. Amy's mother

Amy had a tough start in life. Her complex physical and learning disabilities mean that she can’t use speech to tell others what she wants or needs.

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Sarah equality in words and actions vlog Nov 20

Equality in words and actions

Published on 26.11.2020
by Sarah Maguire, Chief Executive

Our CEO reflects on a comment from one of Choice Support's Trustees. Sarah says, "The truth is that none of us can do what we do without each other and so we need to remember that we are colleagues with equal importance and standing."

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Main photo Supported loving skills for care and CQC Nov 20 v2

New Skills for Care guidance on relationships

Published on 26.11.2020
by Claire Bates, Supported Loving Leader

Skills for Care, supported by the Care Quality Commission, have just published a new guidance called, ‘Supporting people who need care and support to have meaningful and safe relationships.’

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Sarahs vlog Does curiosity always kill the cat 20 Nov 20

Does curiosity always kill the cat?

Published on 19.11.2020
by Sarah Maguire, Chief Executive

Sarah Maguire, our CEO, in her vlog this week ponders whether it might be better if we were more curious about our neighbours...

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