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Being more than a provider 29 June 22 Manchester

Being more than a provider

Published on 10.06.2022
by Choice Support

You are invited to an event organised by people who care about getting good support. People who want to shape and inspire better social care for everyone in the future.

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Having a baby Supported Loving blog post

Having a Baby

Published on 16.05.2022
by Books Beyond Words

Beyond Words launches a new evidence-based picture story called, Having a Baby, which aims to improve the experience of maternity care for expectant parents with learning disabilities.

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Stand by me Supported Loving blog

Stand by Me

Published on 05.05.2022
by Dr Paula Jacobs, Dr Karen Watchman, Andrew Doyle MBE and Professor Heather Wilkinson

Take part in a new UK-wide research study on supporting couples when one partner has dementia.

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Supported Loving toolkit blog 01

One-stop love shop

Published on 30.03.2022
by Choice Support

The Supported Loving toolkit is a 'one-stop-shop' for information around sex and relationships.

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Red Bag Project blog 03

It's in the bag

Published on 22.02.2022
by Choice Support

We are delighted to announce the launch of the VIP Red Bag Project across Wakefield.

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Christmas card banner 02 02

A very Happy Christmas

Published on 24.12.2021
by Choice Support

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a happier and brighter new year.

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Sarah blog christmas message 2022 01

Let's dance

Published on 22.12.2021
by Sarah Maguire, CEO

Motivational speaker Verna Myers says: “Diversity is being invited to the party, but inclusion is being asked to dance.”

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Dreams really do come true blog banner 01

Dreams really do come true

Published on 09.12.2021
by Abby Burt, Complex Care Lead

Abby Burt tells us about her role as Complex Care Lead and shares how a bespoke support plan and a carefully created environment is having a positive impact on Danny's life.

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Safe place to be you 01 01

Safe place to be you

Published on 24.11.2021
by Choice Support

2BUWakefield organiser Christian says: “To anyone wanting to set up their own group, trust your instinct and allow yourself the time to think of those new experiences. We all deserve opportunities for happiness every day. I’m really pleased, we are a little part of history now, it’s a bit of a buzz.”

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The future of diversity blog 2 01

The future of diversity

Published on 10.11.2021
by Mark Ferry, HR Director

Mark Ferry, HR Director, is proud to present Choice Support's first Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report.

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Black History Month

Proud to be

Published on 20.10.2021
by Monica McGregor

This year’s Black History Month is based on the theme, ‘Proud to Be.’ This theme is about the importance of engaging in history and sharing the richness of your culture.

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Blog banner template 2 01

Be Digital

Published on 19.10.2021
by Choice Support

For many of us, it is hard to imagine life without access to the internet. The Be Digital project aims to tackle digital exclusion and make the internet accessible to all.

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