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PWS Alan Laughing with staff Thompson

Read some real life stories from people we support. Over the coming months more stories will be shared here.

Amys Story Main Photo 2 2600 X 1100

Everyone can communicate

Everyone can communicate, even if like Amy you can't speak. A big part of our work is finding different ways of communicating other than just speech.

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A Place To Live Kathys Story Main Photo 2600 X 1100

A place to live

Unlike Kathy, most of us take for granted that our home is our place of sanctuary, where we can feel secure.

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Relationships Mark And Neval Main Photo 2600 X 1100


“Moving in together was one of the best decisions we ever made.” This is how Neval and Mark still describe their relationship after 10 years of living together.

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PWS Laura Broughton

CQC Experts by Experience

We believe people with first-hand experience of health and social care services are best qualified to assess service quality.

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