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Finding a sex worker

Published on 05.06.2017
by Lady Verdin Trust

A woman who needs support wants to find a sex worker. What are the safety implications for everyone involved?

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Leanne and David

Published on 15.05.2017
by Leanne and David

Leanne and David explain what good relationship support means to them.

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A sister's point of view on learning disability dating scene

Published on 02.05.2017
by Jessica's sister

I’m Helena, sister and founder of Happily friendship and dating agency. I want to share my personal experiences from the learning disability dating scene and why I have decided to launch my own agency, Happily.

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Katie...finding love through a dating agency

Published on 18.04.2017
by Katie

I first joined Mates 'n' Dates about a year ago. Mates 'n' Dates help people with learning disabilities to meet others and form a friendship or relationship - whatever your heart desires, basically.

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Mates 'n' Dates

Published on 10.04.2017
by Maxine Hemmings

I’m Maxine, I work at Guideposts co-ordinating Mates 'n' Dates, our friendship and dating scheme for adults with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire.

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Sex, love and citizenship

Published on 23.03.2017
by Dr Simon Duffy

Love is one of the seven keys to citizenship, Dr Simon Duffy, Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Daniel and Angela - building a relationship

Published on 13.03.2017
by Sue Deeley, Gettalife

Supported Loving is about highlighting the importance of good support to help people with learning disabilities to have loving relationships. This becomes even more important for staff working with people with more complex needs around relationships, sexuality and intimacy.

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Event The Big Meet Josephine and Jack presentation

Josephine and Jack - relationships and sex

Published on 02.03.2017
by Clare Morgan, Josephine and Jack Project

Josephine and Jack are a unique approach to supporting people with learning disabilities to talk about relationships and sex.

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What is Supported Loving?

Published on 04.01.2017
by Dr Claire Bates

In 2009 Choice Support sponsored me to start a PhD. I understood then that the amount of work involved meant that I would be thinking of little else for years, so I knew I had to choose a topic that was important to me.

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