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Love Is Not A Luxury Supported Loving Choice Support

Love is not a luxury

Published on 04.12.2017
by Dr E Ferguson

Dr Erin Ferguson's research explores how people with learning disabilities can access the messy, fun, exciting and frightening world where love is not a luxury.

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Relationships are for everyone

Published on 31.10.2017
by Dr Claire Bates, Choice Support

Many take relationships for granted, yet forget or are fearful about empowering opportunities for people with learning disabilities to meet potential partners.

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Easy complacency or hard commitment

Published on 23.10.2017
by Sue Sharples

If you are provider of support for people with a learning disability it is easy to be complacent about helping people to develop close, intimate relationships.

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Conversation About Love

Starting the conversation

Published on 12.10.2017
by Gillian Leno

Gillian Leno, intimate relationships teacher, writer and researcher, writes about the lasting impact of collaborative work.

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Love is real, real is love

Published on 03.10.2017
by Christian Buchan, Choice Support

We should all be made aware that regardless of age, disability and race, everyone needs love and relationships in their life. In the words of John Lennon “love is real, real is love".

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Why accessible information is important for healthy relationships

Published on 30.08.2017
by Change

CHANGE, a leading human rights organisation, says sex education is needed for everyone.

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I haven't always been in a happy relationship

Published on 16.08.2017
by Vicky Buckingham

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people with disabilities who are married.

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Stock photo LGBT flag Supported Loving

Pride in LGBT relationships

Published on 10.07.2017
by Dr Claire Bates

Learning Disability Today publishes blog by Dr Claire Bates on LGBT Pride.

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Love Is Not A Luxury Supported Loving Choice Support

The importance of Supported Loving

Published on 15.06.2017
by Sue Turner, NDTi

I attended my first Supported Loving event last week. What a great day. Sexual relationships are an important part of most people’s lives, but for people with learning disabilities this is often not the case.

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Supported Loving Sexworkerfindinglove

Finding a sex worker

Published on 05.06.2017
by Lady Verdin Trust

A woman who needs support wants to find a sex worker. What are the safety implications for everyone involved?

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Leanne and David

Published on 15.05.2017
by Leanne and David

Leanne and David explain what good relationship support means to them.

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A sister's point of view on learning disability dating scene

Published on 02.05.2017
by Jessica's sister

I’m Helena, sister and founder of Happily friendship and dating agency. I want to share my personal experiences from the learning disability dating scene and why I have decided to launch my own agency, Happily.

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