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Thoughts on banter

Published on 21.12.2018
by Laura Goudge

It's amazing to think in this day and age that bullying can easily be disguised as 'banter'.

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Making safeguarding musical?

Published on 31.10.2018
by Peter Oakes, Professor of Clinical Psychology

Together with Alistair Clarkson and Meta Killick, we ran a series of community music sessions to establish a culture in which relationships are more open, relaxed, positive, equal and therefore safer.

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The Big Meet

Published on 09.10.2018
by Choice Support

The Big Meet is Choice Support's event for people we support. It's full of workshops, talks and activities and is a perfect opportunity to meet more people.

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Hero Worship. Is this a positive thing?

Published on 04.10.2018
by Sue Sharples, Lancashire Friends and Relationships Group

Perhaps it’s good to have someone to look up to, whose qualities are a source of aspiration and inspiration, someone to follow, learn from and be motivated by.

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What it means to be transgender

Published on 18.09.2018
by Charlotte

The following blog was written by a person with learning disabilities, who wanted to share her experiences of how good support has helped her to live the life she has always wanted.

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LGBT social groups

Published on 03.09.2018
by Jon Dennison, Choice Support

Social groups for people with learning disabilities who identify as LGBT are few and far between.

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Supported Loving - how can families help?

Published on 15.08.2018
by Liz Wilson, Family Consultant – Dimensions

I went to speak with the Supported Loving network about a family perspective on the near taboo subject of sexual relationships between people with learning disabilities.

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Sexuality and learning disabilities

Published on 02.07.2018
by Choice Support

Sexuality and Learning Disabilities is a book published by Learning Disabilities Today and edited by Choice Support's Dr Claire Bates.

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RESPOND – My Life, My Marriage Project

Published on 04.06.2018

Research indicates that people with a learning disability can be forced into marriage and many cases can go unreported.

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Supported Loving CMG Brelade Players

Love is...

Published on 21.05.2018
by Michael Fullerton, CMG

The Brelade Players, a performance group in Brighton and Hove, came up with words and artwork, which was incorporated into a beautiful love poem.

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Is love still a taboo subject?

Published on 22.03.2018
by Mel O'Neil and Mark Phillipson

Mark my 23-year-old son, has always had an eye for the ladies. He wants to meet the right girl and have love and romance in his life.

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Opening a can of worms

Published on 12.02.2018
by Dr Claire Bates

LDT publishes Dr Claire Bates’ blog challenging ingrained cultural barriers to love and sex.

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