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International Womens day banner 01

International Women's Day

Published on 08.03.2021
by Choice Support

To celebrate the achievements of women in social care, we asked inspirational women in our organisation to share what they are most proud of.

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Sarah LGBTQ history article 01

Companionship, love and intimacy

Published on 25.02.2021
by CEO Sarah Maguire

We all need companionship, love, and intimacy, but for people identifying as LGBTQ+, there can be additional barriers to overcome.

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We are who we are

Published on 12.02.2021
by CEO Sarah Maguire

CEO Sarah looks at why it can be difficult for some people in the LGBTQ+ community to be themselves at work.

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Jennifer a seat

Having a seat at the table

Published on 01.02.2021

Jennifer looks back over “dark and challenging” times nine years ago when she woke up unable to walk. Since then, she has become an active spokesperson for disabled people.

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Sarah what are days?

What are days for?

Published on 29.01.2021
by Sarah Maguire, Chief Executive

Our CEO, Sarah Maguire, reminds us what days were like before the pandemic, and how we can make the most of each day in lockdown.

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Off to a flying start

Published on 19.01.2021
by Choice Support

Ryan has always been interested in a career in aerospace, and over the lockdown in March 2020 he took a first step towards his future.

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Sarah blog have I

Have I already told you this?

Published on 15.01.2021
by Sarah Maguire

Despite our disrupted world, CEO Sarah reminds us to hang on to our sense of self and remember that we are still dynamic, inspiring, and creative.

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Sarah Pineapple

A problem shared

Published on 08.01.2021
by Sarah Maguire

Our CEO, Sarah, reflects on how a "problem shared is a problem halved" and notes how the solutions to our problems are often in the places that we least expect.

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Sarah Vlog40 the best of times

The best of times

Published on 29.12.2020
by Sarah Maguire, Chief Executive

"Always remember you matter. You're important and you're loved, and bring to this world things that nobody else can." Sarah Maguire, our CEO, leaves us with a final quotation for 2020.

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Christmas cards for website

The spirit of the season

Published on 22.12.2020
by Sarah Maguire, Chief Executive

Season's greetings from Choice Support's CEO, Sarah Maguire, and all Directors and Trustees.

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Halo Article

Helping to end hair discrimination

Published on 21.12.2020
by Mark Ferry, Group Director of Human Resources

Choice Support is delighted to be adopting the Halo Code and joining the fight against race-based hair discrimination.

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Sarah vlog A chocolate can make all the difference 18 12 20

A chocolate can make all the difference

Published on 18.12.2020
by Sarah Maguire, Chief Executive

"Kind gifts are not just about money, or expense, or even acknowledgement," says Sarah Maguire, our CEO, in her vlog this week, "It’s those random acts of kindness, the ones you weren’t expecting that often touches the most deeply."

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