A chocolate can make all the difference

Sarah vlog A chocolate can make all the difference 18 12 20

"Kind gifts are not just about money, or expense, or even acknowledgement," says Sarah Maguire, our CEO, in her vlog this week, "It’s those random acts of kindness, the ones you weren’t expecting that often touches the most deeply."

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Sarah Dust the cobwebs vlog37

Dust away the cobwebs

“Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs.” Sarah Maguire, our CEO encourages everyone to think about their musical moments.

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Sarah equality in words and actions vlog Nov 20

Equality in words and actions

Our CEO reflects on a comment from one of Choice Support's Trustees. Sarah says, "The truth is that none of us can do what we do without each other and so we need to remember that we are colleagues with equal importance and standing."

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Sarahs vlog Does curiosity always kill the cat 20 Nov 20

Does curiosity always kill the cat?

In her vlog this week, Sarah Maguire, our CEO, ponders whether it might be better if we were more curious about our neighbours...

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Support that's right for you

We think support will only work properly when it is designed to give people what they really want. This means understanding people’s hopes and dreams, as well as their needs.

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