Creative curiosity

Sarah Creative curiosity

Our CEO Sarah Maguire shares how we can be creative in all areas of our lives "and in doing so create more opportunities for us all to be happier at work."

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Sarah vlog a time to breathe

A time to breathe

As mental health awareness week comes to an end, Sarah reflects on the importance of connecting with nature and allowing ourselves to breathe.

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Sarah LGBTQ history article 01

Companionship, love and intimacy

We all need companionship, love, and intimacy, but for people identifying as LGBTQ+, there can be additional barriers to overcome.

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Sarah what are days?

What are days for?

Our CEO, Sarah Maguire, reminds us what days were like before the pandemic, and how we can make the most of each day in lockdown.

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Find support near you Choice Support

About us

Find out more about us and our approach to supporting you.

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Find support near you

Use our interactive map to find out where we can support you.

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Supported Loving Main

Supported Loving

Supported Loving highlights the importance of good support in helping people to develop and maintain loving relationships.

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