As my mother used to say

Sarah as my mother used to say vlog 04 11 20

As we enter day two of the second national lockdown, Sarah Maguire our CEO, reflects on her mother's sayings and wisdom they contain.

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Channelling my inner Tigger

"We’ve all been living with heightened emotions for some time now and our social norms aren’t always helpful" says Sarah Maguire, our CEO who recommends expressing how you feel.

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Sarahs vlog small great things 23 Oct 20

Small great things

Sarah Maguire, our CEO, reflects on what Martin Luther King said, “If I can’t do great things, I can do small things in a great way,” and Sarah thinks this really is a sentiment for our times.

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Sarahs vlog black history month are you sitting uncomfortably

Are you sitting uncomfortably?

Sarah Maguire our CEO reflects on her response to Rosa Parks’ story and why it's important to celebrate black history and feel uncomfortable.

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Support that's right for you

We think support will only work properly when it is designed to give people what they really want. This means understanding people’s hopes and dreams, as well as their needs.

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