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Involving you

PWS Meghan With Staff Corinne

People we support influence the decisions that affect them and their involvement shapes our whole organisation.

It is a privilege to conduct the Satisfaction Survey for Choice Support. It has been strengthened by incorporating learning from past surveys, so that in future years we can add even more direct feedback through face-to-face contact with people being supported, their families and staff. Eve Hersov, Independent Consultant
Family contact remains a clearly important component of well-being for people being supported and this was born out in their comments. It is evident that good practice is taking place and the response to the Survey does suggest that some staff are especially pro-active assisting people to stay in touch. Eve Hersov, Satisfaction Survey Independent Consultant
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PWS Carlton Romana Wildlife Art Session

Keeping you safe

Keeping people safe from harm, neglect and abuse is our top priority.

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PWS June and Jackie

Checking our quality

We work to the highest standards and continually check to see if we’re getting things right.

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Positive Behavioural Support

Sometimes people we support display behaviours that may be challenging for the people around them.

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