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Gender pay gap report 2017

Choice Support believes in treating all our employees fairly and in accordance with our legal obligations. Part of that is ensuring that men and women are both paid the same for work of equal value.

Choice Support is pleased to comply with the new requirements under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 for all organisations with 250 or more employees to calculate and publish their gender pay gap annually. We believe that this in an important step towards greater transparency about gender differences in pay that will in time help society achiever an improved gender balance.

This is Choice Support’s first gender pay gap report and relates to the snapshot date of 5 April 2017.

In accordance with the legislation we are required to calculate and publish the following information:

  • the difference in the mean pay of full-pay men and women is 3.7%;
  • the difference in the median pay of full-pay men and women is 0%;
  • the difference in mean bonus pay of men and women is 0%;
  • the difference in median bonus pay of men and women is 0%;
  • the proportion of men and women who received bonus pay is 0%; and
  • the proportion of full-pay men and women in each of four quartile pay bands is as follows:
  Lower Lower Middle Upper Middle Higher
Female 72.5% 80.3% 79.4% 72.9%
Male 27.5% 19.7% 20.6% 27.1%

Choice Support works in the social care sector which has a predominately female workforce and across the organisation 74% of our employees are female and 26% male with men and women represented reasonably evenly at every level of the organisation.

The national average gender pay gap (based on the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings figures) is currently 18%. Against that average Choice Support’s figures compare very favourably.

The small difference in median pay is due to the slightly higher number of men working in senior positions.

Choice Support is satisfied that our pay rates are fair and free from any gender pay bias and believe that this view is supported by our gender pay report. We will continue to monitor and report on our gender pay gap and will take action to address any issues raised.

I confirm that the above information is accurate and the figures have been calculated using the mechanisms set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.

Mark Ferry
Director of Human Resources
March 2018


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