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Workshops for adults with autism

We run workshops for adults with autism, covering topics including understanding your diagnosis and daily living skills.

Topics covered include:

Understanding your diagnosis

We will explore the challenges of a diagnosis of autism and identify some practical strategies.

You will create an 'all about me' workbook to explore your interests and celebrate the differences that make you unique.

Social communication

Communication can be a major barrier for people with autism. We cover strategies to improve social interaction skills.

Other topics include:

  • starting a conversation
  • keeping on topic
  • talking about interests
  • taking turns in conversations.

Daily living skills (part 1)

This session will cover topics such as healthy eating, meal planning and basic food hygiene.

You will prepare a simple healthy snack or light meal in groups to enjoy on the day or to take home with you.

Daily living skills (part 2)

We will focus on budgeting as well as managing domestic tasks around the home. We will also cover internet safety and travelling independently.

Employment and job preparation

This session will focus on the skills needed to apply for jobs, like CV writing, job searching and interview tips.

You will take home an employment pack that has information with links to useful websites.

Music and wellbeing

We will give you some techniques that you can use to help manage your anxieties and reduce stress. We will also have a music session.

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