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What it means to be transgender

The following blog was written by a person with learning disabilities, who wanted to share her experiences of how good support has helped her to live the life she has always wanted.

It means I get the chance to live my life, I have been waiting for so many years and I am very proud to be living my new life as Charlotte. My life is about to change, and I almost can’t wait because it means everything to me and what I have been fighting for will happen.

I have started going out dressed as female, with my hairstyle and my nails done and I feel so happy in myself because this is me now. I have started making plans to go out with my support worker to buy female clothes, shoes, boots, bags, make-up and plenty more female stuff.

It makes me feel proud of myself and I am so happy because I am now living my life as a perfect girl called Charlotte. I feel loved and cared for now and I love where I am living (Charlotte lives in a small block of individual flats managed and supported by Choice Support).  Staff helped me to give my flat a “female makeover” and it’s my loving home where I feel safe.

I love being transgender because it is making me love life. I have decided that when I become a full female I will look for a gorgeous girlfriend to settle down with, go on wonderful dinner dates, get to know each other and make plenty of good memories together.

I have everything I need now.  Its feels good to show people around me who I am. I want to thank the manager (Christian) and staff where I live for caring and supporting me through my transition.


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