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Charlotte tells us about her new life.

15.08.2018 | Liz Wilson, Family Consultant – Dimensions


Notes from the latest Supported Loving network meeting.


People with learning disabilities can be forced into marriage


The Brelade Players have written a poem exploring love and acceptance

22.03.2018 | Mel O'Neil and Mark Phillipson

Mark wants to meet a girlfriend but isn't getting the right support.

12.02.2018 | Dr Claire Bates, Learning Disability Today

LDT publishes Dr Claire Bates’ blog challenging ingrained cultural barriers to love and sex.

03.01.2018 | Sam Sly

Sam Sly believes that love is the central key to citizenship, something we all have a right to.

04.12.2017 | Dr E. Ferguson

How do most people with learning disabilities meet a partner? Research findings from Dr E Ferguson.

31.10.2017 | Dr Claire Bates, Learning Disability Today

Dr Claire Bates discusses online dating for people with learning disabilities in her LDT blog.

26.10.2017 | Claire Bates

Notes from third Supported Loving network meeting.

23.10.2017 | Sue Sharples

Sue Sharples challenges CQC and support providers not to ignore support for sex and relationships.

12.10.2017 | Gillian Leno

Full-time intimate relationships teacher writes about the lasting impact of collaborative work.

03.10.2017 | Christian Buchan - Choice Support Homes Manager

What has Supported Loving inspired Christian to achieve for people he supports?

30.08.2017 | CHANGE

CHANGE, a leading human rights organisation, says sex education is needed for everyone.

16.08.2017 | Vicky Buckingham

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people with disabilities who are married.

27.07.2017 | Janice Tillet, Expert by Experience

My role is to talk to the patients or users to give in depth input from their perspective.

17.07.2017 | Claire Bates

Read about the second Supported Loving network meeting.

10.07.2017 | Claire Bates, Learning Disability Today

Learning Disability Today publishes blog by Dr Claire Bates on LGBT Pride.

21.06.2017 | Liz Wilson, Dimensions

Liz admits she is guilty of double standards with her own daughter.

15.06.2017 | Sue Turner, NDTi

"...a safe space to talk about relationships and sex – not to be kept safe from them."

05.06.2017 | The Lady Verdin Trust

A woman who needs support wants to find a sex worker.

15.05.2017 | Leanne and David

Leanne and David explain what good relationship support means to them.

02.05.2017 | Jessica's sister

Helena, a sister, explains why she is founder of Happily a friendship and dating agency.

18.04.2017 | Katie

Before I met Dave I often felt lonely, which didn't help my depression.

10.04.2017 | Maxine Hemmings, Mates 'n' Dates

Many people with learning disabilities want friends and maybe a partner.

21.03.2017 | Dr Simon Duffy, CfWR

Having sex and love in your life is one important part of being a full citizen.

13.03.2017 | Sue Deeley, Gettalife

Excellent relationship support can have a profound impact on couples in love.

02.03.2017 | Clare Morgan, Josephine & Jack Project

A unique approach for people with learning disabilities to talk about relationships and sex.

20.02.2017 | Dr Claire Bates

Read the notes of the first meeting on 5th February 2017.

24.01.2017 | Dr Claire Bates, Quality Analyst/Researcher

Dr Claire Bates writes about the launch of Supported Loving

04.01.2017 | Safeguarding Committee

Choice Support’s Safeguarding Committee intends to make 2017 our safest year yet.

13.12.2016 | Sarah Maguire, Managing Director

Sarah Maguire, our Managing Director, writes about listening to the voice of experience.

15.11.2016 | Prof. David Sines PhD CBE, Patron

Choice Support Patron, Prof. David Sines, joins campaigners against hate crime.

25.10.2016 | The Our Rights Group

Our Rights Group (ORG) have just hosted a successful conference all about healthy lives.

24.10.2016 | Dr Thomas Doukas, Involvement leader

It’s been an eye-opener says Dr Thomas Doukas our Involvement Team Leader.

11.10.2016 | Steven Rose, Chief Executive

Steven Rose says you've got to be radical if you want to make change happen.

19.09.2016 | Steven Rose, Chief Executive

Steven Rose visits India and meets Guria, a young girl found on the streets who is supported by...

01.09.2016 | Rita Kelsey, Area Manager London

Using the Skills for Care toolkit has transformed how our staff think, act and work together to...

26.08.2016 | Sian Hoolahan

Salma is 20 years old and one of the youngest support workers at Choice Support.

19.08.2016 | Lynda Frampton, Trustee

Until recently you will no doubt have heard about SOVA (Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults).

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Charlotte tells us about her new life.

Supported loving, how can families help?

15.08.2018 | Liz Wilson, Family Consultant – Dimensions

Supported Loving Network Meeting

Notes from the latest Supported Loving network meeting.
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