Supported Loving toolkit

Writing a sex and relationships policy

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When organisations do not have a sex and relationships policy staff can be unsure about what is expected of them and how to respond to sensitive situations.


Brothers of Charity - Relationships and sexuality policy

View the Brothers of Charity easy read policy: Love, sex and relationships easy read policy and guidelines

Voice for All - Sex and relationships policy (easy read)

Read and download the sex and relationships policy as a pdf.

Adults with learning disabilities personal and sexual relationships

Read and download the policy for providers in Westminster, produced by NHS Westminster and the City of Westminster.

Supporting disabled people with their sexual lives

This book, published by Jessica Kingsley and written by Tuppy Owens with Claire de Than, provides a clear guide for health and social care professionals. You can purchase this book from leading retailers, including Amazon.

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Supported Loving toolkit

The Supported Loving network has produced a series of guides to help support people with learning disabilities with issues around sex and relationships.

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What Is Supported Loving

What is Supported Loving?

For people with learning disabilities finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support from your staff.

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Supported Loving network

Supported Loving is not a formal membership organisation. Anyone can take part, it is free.

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