Supported Loving toolkit

Domestic abuse

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There has not been a lot of research on domestic violence against women with learning disabilities, but we are gradually learning more about their experiences.


Watch a video for women with learning disabilities

A video for women with learning disabilities can be viewed here

Hard copies of the DVD are available from Michelle McCarthy

Accessible leaflet

Beverley Lewis House - specialist refuge

Beverley Lewis House is the only specialist refuge in the UK for women with learning disabilities. More information is available here.

Easy read booklet

Download this leaflet from Easy Health.

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Supported Loving toolkit

The Supported Loving network has produced a series of guides to help support people with learning disabilities with issues around sex and relationships.

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What Is Supported Loving

What is Supported Loving?

For people with learning disabilities finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support from your staff.

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Supported Loving network

Supported Loving is not a formal membership organisation. Anyone can take part, it is free.

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