How we support you

Involving you

PWS Meghan With Staff Corinne

People we support influence the decisions that affect them and their involvement shapes our whole organisation.

I am married, and my husband lives in another Choice Support house. At first staff thought they were helping me by arranging lots of visits, but I didn’t want to see my husband as often. Staff helped me to get the right balance so I could see him and be independent and make my own decisions. I’m much happier now. Feedback from our annual satisfaction survey
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PWS Carlton Romana Wildlife Art Session

Keeping you safe

Keeping people safe from harm, neglect and abuse is our top priority.

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Checking our quality

We work to the highest standards and continually check to see if we’re getting things right.

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Positive Behavioural Support

Sometimes people we support display behaviours that may be challenging for the people around them.

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