How we support you

Checking our quality

People have the right to the best possible support. That’s why we work to the highest standards and continually check to see if we’re getting things right.

Listening to and learning from people and their families drives us to keep improving what we do. Our Head of Quality
The staff go beyond to support our daughter to experience new things all the time. From our 2016 user survey
Age related muscle deterioration to legs means he is pretty much house bound these days. He looks forward to his carer visitors. From our 2016 user survey
The care my brother receives is excellent. If he is unwell they contact the doctor immediately. If he has any doctor’s or hospital appointments they always take him and they always keep us informed. From our 2016 user survey
All the staff are very caring and meet my Aunt's needs to an exceptional standard. She always looks well-presented and very well cared for. From our 2016 user survey

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PWS Carlton Romana Wildlife Art Session

Keeping you safe

Keeping people safe from harm, neglect and abuse is our top priority.

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PWS Meghan With Staff Corinne

Involving you

People we support influence the decisions that affect them and their involvement shapes our whole organisation.

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PWS Alan Laughing with staff Thompson

What we do

Read some stories here about what we mean in practice by support that's right for you. Over the coming months more stories of people we support will be shared here.

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