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CQC Experts by Experience

We believe people with first-hand experience of health and social care services are best qualified to assess service quality.

What happened at Winterbourne View was terrible and should have never happened. Some of the people I met should have more help in getting a better life. They were often bored and distressed and staff talked to them not as adults but as though they were children. Laura Broughton
Janice Tillet Expert By Experience
I know for myself that going to a GP or hospital can be quite daunting at times. Janice Tillett

Janice is ideally placed to take part in CQC inspections at GP surgeries and residential care homes. Technology helps her to carry out the inspections, with the added help of a support worker.

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PWS Laura Broughton
Being part of this review gave me the experience of what it is really like for other people who have a learning disability. Laura Broughton

Laura Broughton was a CQC Expert for some years. Her work included helping with the high-profile CQC review of nearly 150 learning disabilities services, prompted by the Winterbourne View scandal.

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